Jan 11 2011

1 month in

Mr Stuff

I’ve been on my restrictive diet for just over a month now and am sorry to say there is no good news yet.

While I’ve not been as bad in the past few weeks it could just be a good spell, but not great as I’ve had 2 early starts this week. But I’m going to keep the diet up for another month to see if there is any improvement.

Dec 9 2010

Restricted diet is, um restricted

Mr Stuff

I’ve started on the FODMAPS diet and it’s quite a surprise the number of things I can’t have anymore.

Wheat gluten is out so no more fish fingers, most fruits are out so no wine, lots of vegetables are also out so no brussel sprouts for Xmas. Because of the fruit restrictions most types of squash are a no-go so I’m mainly drinking tea and coffee. Even my beloved crisps contain stuff I can’t have.

So trying to sort out what to eat is a bit tricky and I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do over Xmas yet.