Jun 8 2011

Food has turned on me

Mr Stuff

Today started out like most days, have tablets, toast and coffee. But as I bit into my toast I ended up with a mouthful of hair.

This led to 2 hours of vomiting and heaving until it settled a bit, although the thought of it still makes me gag. The worst bit is that I don’t know where the hair came from. Was it on the bread, in the toaster, on the knife, in the butter?

So as a result of that I don’t trust, no I’m scared of, all the food we have in the house. I’m currently living on crisps, hermetically sealed foods are ok, but know that can’t continue for long.

Not really what I need when I’m showing signs of recovery

Feb 22 2009

Fajitas are not my friend

Mr Stuff

Yesterday we popped round to Eor and Jac’s for some food and after much thinking it was decided that fajitas would be the food of choice for the celebration meal, we were celebrating Rumpole’s return from the vets. I was a little wary as last time I had fajitas they made me feel really bad but a solution was found, I would have fajitas with no spice mix on it.

So we wandered round after popping home to feed little Pepper and were greeted with Eor making caipirinhas. Again I was a little wary since this is the first time I’ve had spirits in a long time but they were well tasty once we got the sugar and lime mix properly sorted, if you don’t get it right you get the after taste of the rum. Then we were ready for the fajitas which were very tasty, even without the spice mix on them.

But they have struck me again, I woke at about 6 this morning, mainly being woken by Pepper who was awake and wanted to know why we weren’t. But I also felt really bad nausea, which I still have. I’ve taken all my morning tablets and they aren’t making it any better but it is eased a little by drinking nice big cups of tea. So fajitas are off my menu for the foreseeable future, which is a shame as I really like them.

I also want to point out that this wasn’t Eor’s fault, he mentioned yesterday that he hoped I would be OK since every time I go round there I get a bit broken and mention it on my blog.

Jan 17 2009

Curry not so bad this time (the food that is)

Mr Stuff

Last night we had the offer of going out for a curry with some mates and we decided to go for it. The fine curry house was fully booked so we went for the second choice, which it turned out was a bit of a mistake.

The place is quite loud and there was a big party of studenty types in there but it wasn’t too hateful. We were seated and then had to wait about 5 minutes or so to get any attention at which point we asked to get some drinks, the guy replied that we would have to wait a few minutes for that and then asked us if we wanted any drinks đŸ˜• Not the best of starts but we let it pass.

The main courses turned up and Mrs Stuff’s and Eor’s were well lardy, not that nice, but mine was fine and very tasty. We were running low on drinks at this point so put in another order, most of them turned up in good time but when there was only 1 left to bring the staff decided that they would just wander about like headless chickens dealing with the big party rather than bring us the remaining drink. We asked about 3 or 4 times before it finally arrived, we weren’t too happy at this point, they couldn’t even heat the hot towels that they brought round, they were barely warm at all.

When we asked for the bill it took them about 15 minutes to bring it, which annoyed us even more. When it finally arrived it was about a minute before we were just going to leave some money and go. So we didn’t leave a tip and later found out that we also stiffed them by 5p on the bill. When the guy picked up the money we explained that we weren’t happy at all, Jac gave them what for about forgetting the last drink, and were offered free drinks but said no and left.

All in all it was a fairly poor show, but my food was great, and they can’t even blame the big party because they were all having the buffet and serving themselves. So it may be a while before I venture to the Natraj Portswood again, lesson learned.

On a good side note the food hasn’t (so far) made me feel bad.

Dec 6 2008


Mr Stuff

On Thursday night my parents popped round to say Hi and drop stuff off, and it was nice to see them. Even though they only live on the other side of town I am not the best at popping over to say hello, as I’m sure they will agree.

Anyway they dropped off some advent calendars for me and Mrs Stuff, I have a Kinder one and Mrs has a Pooh bear one, since my Mum loves her chocolatey advent calendars. But better than that they also dropped off a dozen eggs from their chickens, mmm proper free range happy chicken eggs. So we had some this morning and they are very tasty with bacon. My Mum said that the chickens really like garlic bread so I’ll see if any of them taste a bit garlicy