Jun 2 2009

Get Well Soon Donkey Pt II

Mr Stuff

We popped round and shared some pizza with Mrs Buurd last night so I now know more about what happened so here goes the update.

It seems Mr Eor had a reaction to some hardcore anti-inflammatory drugs he was on to try and sort his back out, although it took them quite a long time to actually determine this. He was looking a lot better when Buurd left him last night, mainly due to the fact that they had removed the tubes that they had put into every hole in his face they could find, and a few in his arms. Hopefully he should be back home today and should be taking it easy for a few days, something that he isn’t the best at. Mrs Buurd was a bit shell-shocked yesterday but was happier that they seemed to know what had happened and knew how to sort it so here’s hoping he is out today and doesn’t get any more complications on his really bad back.

Jun 1 2009

Get Well Soon Donkey

Mr Stuff

I’ve just heard that my very good friend Eor was admitted to hospital this morning following complications with his back problem. He’s had a bad back for a while and damaged it properly on a recent diving holiday, the chiropractor was saying that if it didn’t sort itself out he would need surgery.

I don’t know the details of the complications but hope it isn’t too bad. I’ll do my best to be there for Eor and Buurd if there is anything I can do to help.