Jun 16 2009

The op went well

Mr Stuff

The RSH was fairly empty when we arrived there at 7.30 yesterday morning which it turns out was because a number of the people booked in for surgery hadn’t turned up yet, which turned out to be good for me. So I was shown to my bed and asked to change into their delightful gown, some really lovely disposable pants and a pair of fantastic stockings so that I didn’t get DVT. Then came the chat to the anesthesia guy, the surgeon and the nurses to get everything sorted which was when I found out that I was meant to be having surgery at 10 but because hardly anyone else was there I had the op at 8.30.

I’ve never had surgery before so was unsure of what to expect but they were really nice and explained what was what as they filled the needle in my hand with anesthetic, then my face went tingly and it was 10 o’clock. I woke up in quite a lot of pain but there was a helpful nurse there who kept giving me morphine until the pain was manageable, I was quite sleepy but was unable to get any sleep as the nurse was hassling me every 5 minutes to see how the pain was. After an hour of this they decided I was all good to go back to the ward for some more bed rest.

I was then finally allowed to have some food and drink, a tasty tuna mayo sandwich and lots of water, and proceeded to spend a few hours lying about. Mrs Stuff and Lisa turned up to say hello and see how I was doing, it was good to see people and it helped me to stay awake. The next few hours involve more pain killers and nurses checking my blood pressure, pulse and wounds which was all good fun.

Then I was given the criteria for me to leave, I had to pass a decent amount of urine in one go. The only problem was that the surgery had left me really dehydrated and it took 5 litres of water, 2 cups of tea and 4 hours before I was finally hydrated enough to leave and come home. But the problem with that was I kept waking up every hour to go for a whizz until about 5 when I got up.

So I’m now back at home, in a lot of pain and unable to do anything because it hurts so am feeling even more useless than I did before. But I’m hoping that it will help solve my mystery condition, fingers crossed and all.

Nov 20 2008

Would a holistic approach work?

Mr Stuff

Last week I went to see my chiropractor again since my months of inactivity have caused my back problems to come back. She knows that I have been ill for a while and is very gentle when adjusting me if I’m in pain.

Anyway while I was there I asked her whether a holistic approach would work, and she obviously said yes so we tried some stuff. I was lying on my back with 2 fingers from my left hand on either side of the top of my nose, so they were on the corners of my eyes. While I was doing this I held up my right arm and had to resist the her from pushing it down, which I couldn’t do. She then took a vial of stuff and put some of it in my mouth, I had to hold it under my tongue while resisting the pushing again. Surprisingly I could stop her from pushing my arm down so I bought a vial of the stuff.

I’m quite sceptical about things like this but had to admit that the change when I had this stuff in my mouth amazed me a little, but looking at the vial I had bought it is a homeopathic preparation for the gall bladder and liver meridians. I’m taking the stuff and have yet to see any real change but we’ll see since conventional medicine doesn’t know what to do with me.

Nov 17 2008

The drugs don’t work

Mr Stuff

I’ve been under the weather since 29th December 2007, nearly 11 months which brings with it many stages of both physical and mental states.

Initially I thought it would get sorted quickly and was enjoying some time off to play some games and watch some DVD’s. The waking early was annoying as at one point I was getting up at 4am every other day. This was all in early January so it was a bit cold and I didn’t want to put the heating on since it would wake up my sleeping wife and make her feel bad. So I’d often watch DVD’s with my jacket and gloves on.
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