Dec 18 2009

More tests for me

Mr Stuff

I saw my new top gastro guy this morning and it was a good visit. He asked me to go through everything from the start and made a lot of notes, throwing a few questions in along the way. At the end of that he thought that since I’ve been checked for a lot of medical problems it may well be worth looking at my nervous system as well as trying some different prescriptions.

So I’ve got a new prescription to try out when I see my doc next week and had some blood taken so they can test for some new things as well as a list of tests he wants done. The tests include an MRI to check my brain and nervous system, a tilt test (which sounds like it is guaranteed to make me vomit) and a gastric emptying to see if my stomach is working properly. He came across as very confident that he would try to exhaust all other avenues and both Mrs Stuff and I felt good as we left.

So here’s hoping he can find something good

Nov 17 2008

The drugs don’t work

Mr Stuff

I’ve been under the weather since 29th December 2007, nearly 11 months which brings with it many stages of both physical and mental states.

Initially I thought it would get sorted quickly and was enjoying some time off to play some games and watch some DVD’s. The waking early was annoying as at one point I was getting up at 4am every other day. This was all in early January so it was a bit cold and I didn’t want to put the heating on since it would wake up my sleeping wife and make her feel bad. So I’d often watch DVD’s with my jacket and gloves on.
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