Mar 4 2009

And Gears 2 now beaten on Insane

Mr Stuff

gears2insaneSome may say I have too much time on my hands but I just beat Gears of War 2 on insane on my own (you can play it co-op). It was quite satisfying, especially when you get to the end and run around on the Brumak knowing that you have pretty much finished it and are quite invincible. One of my favourite gaming feelings of all time I might say.

And because I’d only finished the game on casual before I got a nice 275 gamerpoints for finishing insane. Sweet

Feb 23 2009

I got mad gaming skillz

Mr Stuff

gears_insaneWahey, I just beat Gears of War on insane difficulty, the hardest difficulty, on my own and I am quite pleased with the accomplishment. It wasn’t quite as satisfying as beating Ninja Gaiden II on Master Ninja but close, so I won’t be changing my gamerpic to the one I just unlocked but will keep my NG one.

Feb 7 2009

Gears: Now I get it

Mr Stuff


So I got a copy of Gears of War 2 and gave it a go and you know what I really enjoyed it, surprised me since I didn’t really get on with the first one. But it’s great fun, especially using the chainsaw bayonet on unsuspecting folk, great idea to put a chainsaw on the end of your gun.

So I thought what the hell and gave the first Gears another try and to my surprise I’m getting into it now. I initially didn’t get on with it when you meet a Berserker; a nasty, big, ugly and mean enemy that charges at you killing you instantly. But I found out that this was a boss rather than a normal enemy and managed to find the obvious door that I missed last time. I’ve got past that bit now and am ploughing through the campaign and enjoying it.

Jan 20 2009

Mr Stuff 2 – Blockbuster 0

Mr Stuff

gearsofwar2I decided, after a chat with Mr Woz, that I would give Gears 2 a try. I didn’t get on with the first one but have been assured that the bit I hated isn’t in this second game. So I wandered to Blockbuster with 2 games to trade in, I was getting a bit tired of both of them, hoping that I would get a decent price for them.

Anyway while wandering around the shop I saw that it had gone back up to full price, it has been on sale for the last month at £29.99 instead of £39.99, but they had one copy out on the shelves at the sale price. Given my past history of winning with customer rights at Blockbuster (my previous win can be found here) I thought I had a good chance of getting the game at the cheaper price, and I did.

I also got £26 for the games I traded in (Quantum of Solace and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts) so in the end it cost me £4. Nice, now let’s hope it’s as good as I have been told it is :)