Dec 13 2008

Unemployed is so much easier than sickness

Mr Stuff

Since I am now unemployed and sick I need to sort out the payment insurance on my loan, credit card and mortgage as well as sorting out my incapacity benefit. All of which is starting to become annoying.

If you’re unemployed it’s easy, you go to the Job Centre with your P45 and redundancy notice and it’s all sorted, any insurance you have just needs a form to be signed once a month. Job done.

But I’m ill so my payment insurance is all being sorted on the sickness side so they all have forms that need to be filled in and signed by my doctor. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had all the forms in one go, but I’m still waiting to hear from the mortgage company.

I also need to try and get some of them sorted before Xmas to stop payments coming out early next month which I can’t afford. So it’s a bit of a rush to get them done, but I’m getting the bank one sorted when I visit my doctor on Monday and will try and get the bank to fax it to the insurance office to make sure it gets there in time to be looked at before they shut down for 2 weeks.

On the plus side I have one loan that I don’t need to sort out the insurance for because there is only 1 payment left, which I can afford to pay. Then that one is out of the way and I can leave behind the bad Mr Stuff who spanked his credit card, even after taking out a loan to cover it completely, hence the 2 loans which will become just 1 in early January.