Dec 3 2012

Oh She Likes Penguins

Mr Stuff

The other day there was a show on with Nigel Marvin looking at penguins on the Falklands and little Pepper took quite an interest in them. It took a little encouragement, note Mrs Stuff pointing at them, but after that she was away :)

Watching Penguins 1

Watching Penguins 2

Aug 20 2011

New Style Bird Feeder

Mr Stuff

Pepper was very playful yesterday and decided, after reading Simon’s Cat, that pretending to be a bird feeder is the best way to catch them

Bird Feeder

Dec 18 2010

Wrapping up warm

Mr Stuff

So it’s snowing again, this time there is less than there was 2 weeks ago but Pepper is still not happy about it. She doesn’t like the cold snow so is wrapping up as warm as she can

wrap up warm

Nov 3 2010

Hunting machine

Mr Stuff

It’s 4.30, I’ve been up since 3 and have so far saved 2 mice from Pepper’s grasp. It might have been the same mouse twice but it looked like 2 different ones.

Given that the other day she brought us 1 1/2 mice I’m thinking there may be more before dawn.

Oct 5 2010

Of mice and pain

Mr Stuff

Pepper found herself a little mouse to play with last night and did a good job of trashing it as much as she could without actually killing it. So after she had finished flinging it around I had to put it out of its misery, not a pleasant job considering how I was feeling.

Then this morning I saw Marmite playing with something on the path and it’s the dead mouse which seems to still be a viable toy. Poor little fella.

As for me I’ve had a terrible few weeks of early mornings, really bad nausea and pain. I’m currently almost afraid of food since I feel bad if I don’t eat but feel worse after eating. This morning I had to cancel my acupuncture because I just couldn’t make it to the hospital.

So my plans of sorting my head out and maybe considering going back to work are on hold until I can try to get on top of these symptoms.

Aug 22 2010

Pepper Playtime

Mr Stuff

Little Miss has been having all the playtime fun in the last few days and fortunately I took some pics to share.

Next door have a very fluffy little kitty named Marmite who very much likes to play with Pepper. They tend to spend ages just chasing each other round the garden and through the hedge as well as hiding behind plant pots ready to pounce.

pepper_marmite pepper_marmite2

But she’s also very able to have fun on her own as we saw when Mrs Stuff decided to give her some paper packaging to play with. It didn’t take long for it to get trashed.


Aug 5 2010

Feed Me

Mr Stuff

Pepper has developed a new habit recently for trying to convince me that she needs feeding. From about 3pm or so she will sit on a little fleece by my feet and try to hypnotise me into giving her food, kinda like the Maynards moose if you’ve seen the adverts.

Obviously it doesn’t work but it really doesn’t stop her from trying.


Chew, chew, chew, chew…

Jun 4 2010

Droid Apps

Mr Stuff

Since getting an Android phone I’ve been a regular visitor to the app store to get great new toys for my new toy and here are some examples of my current 2 faves.

Pepper Wiregoggles A picture of Pepper taken using Wiregoggles
Lisa Snail A snail picture drawn by Lisa in Magic Marker

May 18 2010

Pepper 4 slow worms forever

Mr Stuff

Now that it’s warmed up all the slow worms are more active, and Pepper is loving them. I keep telling her that they are protected but she doesn’t listen and for some reason there are loads in the garden.

I’d say we save 2 or 3 from her clutches everyday, and I know they’re different ones based on their size.

Apr 17 2010

Chick chick chick chick chicken

Mr Stuff

We have some new neighbours a few doors up who are vets from the practice we take Pepper to, and as you would expect they have a lot of animals. These include 2 chickens and 7 guinea pigs in their back garden so obviously Pepper went to say hello.