Dec 3 2012

Oh She Likes Penguins

Mr Stuff

The other day there was a show on with Nigel Marvin looking at penguins on the Falklands and little Pepper took quite an interest in them. It took a little encouragement, note Mrs Stuff pointing at them, but after that she was away :)

Watching Penguins 1

Watching Penguins 2

Feb 26 2012

Silver Lining

Mr Stuff

Hello there, realised it’s been ages since I last blogged anything so here’s an update and stuff :)

For the last month or so my illness has been going nuts, lots of bad days, early mornings and the like, not a lot of fun. And this morning I was up at 4am thanks to Pepper kindly vomiting on the bed, although to be fair to her I was just about to get up anyway. But it didn’t help.

So I was up early, ho hum. I’ve probably mentioned before that early morning TV is hateful and I will do almost anything to not watch it, so seeing it was clear out I set up the telescope to cool down. Once it was cooled I saw an opportunity to have a peek at Saturn, and she was looking really nice. So I thought why don’t I try taking a pic?

It sounds like a really easy thing to do, just poke the phone camera at the eyepiece and away you go, but it’s not that easy. You need to try and make sure that the camera is pointing directly into the eyepiece, not easy when the camera is flush to the back of the phone and you can’t see it. To make it harder I was using a 6.5mm eyepiece which has a really small hole to look into, then add in that Saturn is moving and only remains in the centre of the view for about 20 seconds. So there is a lot of adjusting the scope and trying to line up the camera.

I was at this for about 90 mins and in that time took about 10 pics and 2 video’s, hoping there was at least one good frame in there, and there was. The last picture that I took before trying the video’s, and before Saturn vanished behind the flats next door, was spot on. In fact I can say I’m blown away by it.

Since putting the picture onto Twitter I’ve had numerous retweets, thanks to @Peoplesastro, lots of really nice comments and a few new followers. But I’ve kind of made a rod for my own back since this is my 1st real go at astrophotography and IMO it’s a blinder, I hope I can follow it up :)

So enough of that, here is the pic in question. I hope you like it.


Aug 20 2011

New Style Bird Feeder

Mr Stuff

Pepper was very playful yesterday and decided, after reading Simon’s Cat, that pretending to be a bird feeder is the best way to catch them

Bird Feeder

Jul 28 2011

Prescription House time

Mr Stuff

Today I had to pick up a big prescription order, nearly ran out of most of my tablets, so figured it was time for another prescription house. Hope you enjoy it and btw this is my 6th prescription house.

Prescription House 6

Jun 16 2011

Oops I did it again

Mr Stuff

So I hit 40 not long ago and wondered what to get myself as a pressie, I thought about a new mobile or some more games but thought something more permanent would be best and a new tattoo needed to be designed, but what to get?

After much thinking I decided that I really liked the bio mech style and set about getting a design sorted with Wicked Needles in town, I didn’t want something that everyone has. After a few weeks they had the design and I booked it in.

The main issue was because of the complicated nature of it, and the amount of shading, it took 3 hours, which initially worried me but I’m determined to keep getting better at going out. So I did.

One big thing I found out while having it done was that 2 3/4 hours of tattooing is when I reach my pain threshold but I persevered and the guy did a fantastic job. It currently hurts a bit, ike a big burn, but that should only last another day or so.

But enough waffling here is the pic

Bio Mech Tattoo

May 17 2011

Astronomy Go

Mr Stuff

I’ve now started my OU astronomy course and am planning on doing about 10 – 15 hours studying per week, we’ll see how it goes and how easily I can learn the stuff but that’s the plan. I’ve already learned how to use a planisphere, which is quite complicated but good for predicting stuff.

So in honour of me starting that and the shuttle launch yesterday here are some of the best pics of the launch I’ve seen.

These 2 are from @stefmara taken from a plane and are and

Shuttle1Shuttle 2

And here is an awesome pic from @treyratcliff and is


Jan 22 2011

What you talkin ’bout Disco

Mr Stuff

I was watching “Weird or What?”, which for the record is fairly crap but there was little else on, on Discovery Science earlier and they were banging on about animals leaving before an earthquake. So they had to show where fault lines were, which they did with this image.

disco map

Looks OK until you look a bit closer and notice that the UK and Ireland is completely missing, no effort to put them in at all. So maybe Discovery is denying knowledge of the islands or maybe they just couldn’t be arsed to make the map properly. Who can say.

Bad Disco, no biscuit.

Dec 18 2010

Wrapping up warm

Mr Stuff

So it’s snowing again, this time there is less than there was 2 weeks ago but Pepper is still not happy about it. She doesn’t like the cold snow so is wrapping up as warm as she can

wrap up warm

Aug 22 2010

Pepper Playtime

Mr Stuff

Little Miss has been having all the playtime fun in the last few days and fortunately I took some pics to share.

Next door have a very fluffy little kitty named Marmite who very much likes to play with Pepper. They tend to spend ages just chasing each other round the garden and through the hedge as well as hiding behind plant pots ready to pounce.

pepper_marmite pepper_marmite2

But she’s also very able to have fun on her own as we saw when Mrs Stuff decided to give her some paper packaging to play with. It didn’t take long for it to get trashed.


Aug 5 2010

Feed Me

Mr Stuff

Pepper has developed a new habit recently for trying to convince me that she needs feeding. From about 3pm or so she will sit on a little fleece by my feet and try to hypnotise me into giving her food, kinda like the Maynards moose if you’ve seen the adverts.

Obviously it doesn’t work but it really doesn’t stop her from trying.


Chew, chew, chew, chew…