Jul 25 2011

Fair ’nuff I spose

Mr Stuff

The other day I was thinking to myself just how to make our garden cleaner and this morning I found the solution. Just run the hoover over it

Garden Hoovering

May 15 2010

Prescription Update

Mr Stuff

I went to see my doctor yesterday and he has agreed to refer me to the Chronic Pain Management Team, which can only be a good thing, and he gave me a new prescription that my consultant thought might help. The new drug is Levomepromazine which I have started today and we’ll see how it goes. One thing that did make me laugh about it though is looking through the possible side effects which include unwanted and persistent erections, oo-er mrs.

Anyway after all that I went to pick up a load of prescriptions today and thought it’s been a long time since I’ve made one of my Mr Stuff patented Prescription Houses, so here you go.

Prescription House 5

Feb 4 2010

Where everybody knows your name

Mr Stuff

I had to go to Boots to pick up the rest of a prescription today so I wandered on up. When I got there I saw a bit of a queue, only 4 people so not that long a wait. One of the pharmacy staff who I’ve seen there a lot then got out a prescription card and found the bag in the totes at the back. Then to my surprise she said hello to me and handed me the prescription, having recognised me from previous visits saying “I saw you come in”.

I know it’s not as good as having your regular pint sat on the bar by the time you get there but it was nice, although it kind of shows just how often I’m there to pick up prescriptions.

Dec 4 2009

All stocked up for Xmas

Mr Stuff

I went to see my doctor yesterday because I needed more prescriptions and to see if there were any recommendations from the gastro guy, there weren’t. I only needed 2 items on my repeat prescription list but he did me the whole lot so I am now all stocked up for Xmas and here is my latest prescription house.

Prescription House 4

Jul 1 2009

It’s that time again

Mr Stuff

Today was one of those days when I had to go and pick up a new load of prescriptions so it must be time for Episode III of Mr Stuff’s Prescription House :)

Prescription House III

May 20 2009

My groggy few days

Mr Stuff

When I saw my gastro guy at the end of last week he was surprised that my horse tranquilisers, Amitriptyline, weren’t dealing properly with the pain so he decided that if I double my dose of them that may help, so I did. The result is that I have become even more useless than normal.

They do help me get to sleep and do help me get back to sleep when I get woken up in the night by the happy kitty but they also leave me so groggy in the mornings that I am incapable of doing anything until midday or so. Yesterday morning I was meant to get up early so I could go to Boots and re-order some of my repeat prescriptions but couldn’t get out of bed. My alarm went at 10 but I just couldn’t move until about 11.30, and it was the same this morning. They do seem to be helping with the pain and when I go to bed I am usually asleep before Mrs Stuff comes up to bed but I’m not sure it’s worth the groggy, cloudy head the next day.

I don’t really have much of a daily routine to speak of so it doesn’t really affect that too much but it’s really unpleasant to feel that groggy. I’m hoping that I will get used to the new dose after a while and the effects will decrease, when I started taking it I was on this dose and it did get better, but it all depends on whether my sanity will stay the distance.

Jan 21 2009

Funky new tablets have arrived

Mr Stuff

Well it only took Boots 2 days to get them but my new tablets have arrived and they are funky meltlet things. They are Ondansetron, which Mrs Stuff says sounds like a nasty Euro Pop band, and reading about them they sound funky since they reduce the activity of the vagus nerve which is the one that makes you nauseous and vomit.

Well I’m going to start them on Sunday or Monday since I need to see my doctor after I’ve had the 5 day course and I am seeing him on Friday. So let’s hope I don’t get any of the nasty side effects, the worst or which (and my personal favourite for any prescriptions I’ve taken) is temporary blindness. Tip top

Jan 20 2009

I hate nausea

Mr Stuff

So last night was another of those nights where I couldn’t get to sleep because of my pesky nausea, so I haven’t slept since 11am yesterday and I’m a bit tired right now.

I am waiting for some new anti-nausea tablets but Boots seem to be having a hard time getting them ordered in which is a shame as I am preparing to take them. Apparently they are fairly hardcore, used for people undergoing chemotherapy, so I have to stop taking my domperidone and my horse tranquilisers since the combination is likely to mess with my heart. For these reasons I’m only on a 5 day dose to start with then need to check in with my doctor.

Hopefully they will do some good

Jan 17 2009

Just say no to metachlopramide

Mr Stuff

When I last saw my gastroenterologist he said I should try an new anti-nausea tablet, metachlopramide, so I got a prescription for it and have been taking it for the last week and a bit. I’m not sure if I’ve taken it before or not but I have reacted to it in the same way I did to a previous prescription I had and it makes my tongue swell up. This makes me sound funny as I find it hard to talk, which can be quite funny, but it is also probably a dangerous thing to have happen. So I’m back on the domperidone, which I am fine with, and will leave the metachlopramide.

Dec 28 2008

Boo, bah and humph

Mr Stuff

Last night was my first night in a few weeks with no sleeping tablet and it didn’t go well. I went to bed at about 11 ish and tried to sleep but gave up at about 2.30, I think I may have had an hour or so sleep but not sure. So again I am up at 2.30. Lots of bah.

To make it all worse all of this happened when Mrs Stuff was out, so by the time she got back I had been to bed, given up and got up again. She was sympathetic and a bit chatty having been out drinking with the Guildhall guys and had some booze.

I’m not sure if the not being able to sleep is because I’ve stopped the sleeping pills or just one of those things but I’ll up my horse tranquiliser dose for a few days to see if that helps. I’ll see if I feel sleepy later and maybe have a snooze but since laying down gave me more pain and a headache I may just sleep sitting on the sofa. We’ll see how it goes.