Feb 26 2011

Still getting bored of this

Mr Stuff

Friday was a tip top sucky day and it looks like Saturday’s going to be a long one.

Friday started with a fairly pointless wander to my doctor’s surgery which I can’t be arsed to go into now, but it was a long walk for me and wiped me out for a lot of the afternoon.

After recovering from that the rest of the day was kind of OK and I was in bed by 10:30 or so. All good until 1:19 when I woke with my abdomen feeling like it was on fire. I did try to force myself back to sleep, it does work sometimes, but it wasn’t going to happen. So I got up.

The really annoying bit is that Mrs Stuff had been out seeing British Sea Power, she do like them, and I was up before she got back. That’s happened a few times now and doesn’t help me deal with the early mornings at all.

Edit: I’ve just read back through this and have to say it really pisses me off reading about how whiny I’ve become. I know it’s because of my current situation but I really miss the old me.

Jan 29 2011

Nothing like negative reinforcement

Mr Stuff

Last night we went out for a curry, I figured that since the diet wasn’t doing much I might as well ditch it. So we went for the meal and afterwards I even made it to the pub for a very swift pint of Swift One, after which I really needed to go home. A nice evening all in all, just a shame that I’ve been up since 2.30.

I think maybe going straight from restricted diet to curry might have been too much all in one go. So I’ll slowly reintroduce foods and monitor it a bit more carefully. But it doesn’t help my agoraphobia when I feel this bad after a relatively quiet night out.

May 4 2010

The long weekend

Mr Stuff

Bank holidays don’t really mean a lot to me at the mo, since everyday is pretty much the same, but this long weekend was indeed quite a long one. On both Saturday and Sunday mornings I was up at between 4 and 5 which annoyed me a little since it takes quite a bad couple of days for me to be up early on consecutive days.

But I did at least have a chance to feel useful since Bella broke her phone, and it’s the same one I have. Unfortunately it needed a factory reset but at least I knew the process and managed to talk her through it. I also managed to put together a little cold frame for Mrs Stuff which knackered me out completely but for the feeling of being useful it was kinda worth it.

Mar 24 2010

From out of nowhere

Mr Stuff

Last night we had some very nice dinner with Mrs Buurd and a few glasses of wine, all in all I felt a it tired but not too bad. By the time I went to bed I was surprised not to have any symptoms, no pain or nausea at all, I felt like a normal person again. But how long would it last?

Until 2.12 am when I awoke with all the nausea in the world, really really bad. So I got up and about an hour or two later the pain arrived as well. Maybe it was the wine that was masking the symptoms or maybe it was trying to find new ways to creep up on me, who can say but all I can say is bah.

Jan 23 2010

Can today get any worse

Mr Stuff

I was woken up at 1.30 this morning with some real nasty nausea, but managed to get back to sleep. The next thing I remember is having a dream where there was a compass HUD at the top of my vision and lots of little Pac-man style pills all around, so I collected them. As soon as I had collected the last one I was immediately awake and only just made it to the toilet before last nights dinner came flying out of my mouth. Not nice. So I wandered back upstairs to get changed, since I would have to get up now and noticed it was only 2.30.

I think it was about 4 – 4.30 or so before I stopped vomiting and could have a cup of tea and have it stay down. Since then I’ve had a lot of hot and cold flushes as well as being achy and generally more nauseaus. I think I’m out of the woods for vomiting for the time being (touch wood) but even that’s only a small victory given the rest of the symptoms.

I think I’d put this in the top 5 of the worst days I’ve had over the last 2 years, let’s hope tomorrow is better.

Nov 20 2009

Another early start

Mr Stuff

I didn’t realise it had been a week since I last blogged, but to be fair not a lot has happened in the last week apart from a few more early mornings. Seems that this spate of feeling really bad is continuing.

I’ve not really had any good days for a while now and it’s starting to make me a bit grumpy and short-tempered which is not good. I keep apologising to Mrs Stuff but she keeps telling me it’s OK and I’m not that grumpy, but I think I am so I’ll keep apologising for it.

Anyway that’s about all for now

Sep 9 2009

But I like other foods :(

Mr Stuff

It’s happened again, last night we went round to look after an injured Mrs Buurd (she’s done her back in again) and helped cook some food. While the food was being cooked I started to feel a bit bad, lots of painful abdominal cramps, but they passed once I’d eaten. The food itself was fairly plain, simply cooked salmon, baked potato, corn on the cob and some roasted veg, nothing in there that should cause any issues.

But this morning I was awake at 4:30 with all the nausea, I think I’ve somehow managed to channel all the nausea in the world into me or at least that’s how it feels. So I had to get up, darn.

The really annoying this is that this seems to happen most of the time when I move away from my plain but workable diet of fish fingers and chips which doesn’t help me that much since I know I should be eating other things. But that’s the way it wants to play it at the mo and since I’m just a passenger on this journey there is little I can do apart from watch the world go by

Jul 28 2009

A most bizarre evening

Mr Stuff

Last night we were invited to go round to Eor and Buurd’s for some tasty chicken pie, and I really like chicken, so we wandered over to what was to be a most bizarre evening. After hearing the news from the surgeon earlier in the day I was feeling a little down so felt that company would be nice and in the end it was.

When we turned up the chicken pie was being constructed and was looking fine so we had a little bit of wine and a good chat. It was about then that I was hit by a really big hot flush, I’ve been having them for a while now but this was a fairly big one, at the same time Mrs Stuff was deciding whether to go to the shop or not to buy more wine. At this point she turned to me an asked me if I was OK, which I wasn’t, so I said “not really” and we all decided that going to sit down in the front room was a good idea, this is when it all went wrong.

Apparently I started to wander into the front room in a fairly funny manner, which I don’t remember, before fainting and falling over managing to miss everything I could possibly hit my head on. I then  woke up on the floor and said “Oh hello”, again not remembering, before telling everyone that they looked really tall from the floor. I remember having a cushion under my head, feeling a bit crappy and looking really pale (so they tell me), it’s the first time I think I’ve ever fainted so not surprisingly I was a little baffled.

Everyone was a little surprised, not least me, so I was given a pint of water and Eor went to the shop, and after a little while I started to feel better. I felt even better once I’d had some food but before then the second odd thing happened. Since Eor and Buurd live a few doors along on the road behind us we’d always joked that Pepper would show up in their garden at some point, which she did last night. It then didn’t take her long to work her way into the cat-flap, it’s the same as ours with the magnet and stuff. So it was quite funny for a while to see Rumps and Pooka becoming very territorial as Pepper wanders around their house, which went on for a good while.

Then we decided to go home and on the way back we bumped into Bella, not surprising since she lives across the road, who was told the entire story. At which point a kitty walked around my feet causing me to stumble, so Mrs Stuff and Bella decided I should go right inside. So we did and I went to bed, when my abdominal cramp decided to kick off big time but fortunately I still had some pain killers I could take. They seemed to sort it until now, too early in the morning, but now it’s kicked off again as well as the nausea and I’m up at 3. Arse.

Jul 10 2009

Bad, bad, bad

Mr Stuff

Yesterday was a bad day followed by a bad night, bah.

To start with yesterday I had to go to my doctors to pick up some forms that he had to fill out for me, that they are now charging me for, which was about an hour round trip given my current walking speed. Then a bit later I was just about to scan them in when I noticed that a bit of it had not been filled in so I had to take them back to my doctors in order for him to fill in that section, another hour or so round trip. Then I had to go to my bank to sort out a few odd things on my latest statement but they couldn’t sort it there so I had to come back home and spend 25 minutes on hold before I could get it sorted. Not great when you’re feeling OK but really bad when you feel like crap.

But there was a turn for the better as Mr Eor came round for some food, his Buurd is away and we have to make sure he eats properly, so that was nice. Mrs Stuff cooked a very nice, and weak, chilli and I felt OK before I went to bed. But when I was lying down the cramps started but I managed to get to sleep within 20 minutes or so, until 3.30 this morning when I was awake and very nauseaus. So I’ve been up for a long time and am very sleepy right about now, but I am kinda used to the really early mornings. Bah

May 20 2009

My groggy few days

Mr Stuff

When I saw my gastro guy at the end of last week he was surprised that my horse tranquilisers, Amitriptyline, weren’t dealing properly with the pain so he decided that if I double my dose of them that may help, so I did. The result is that I have become even more useless than normal.

They do help me get to sleep and do help me get back to sleep when I get woken up in the night by the happy kitty but they also leave me so groggy in the mornings that I am incapable of doing anything until midday or so. Yesterday morning I was meant to get up early so I could go to Boots and re-order some of my repeat prescriptions but couldn’t get out of bed. My alarm went at 10 but I just couldn’t move until about 11.30, and it was the same this morning. They do seem to be helping with the pain and when I go to bed I am usually asleep before Mrs Stuff comes up to bed but I’m not sure it’s worth the groggy, cloudy head the next day.

I don’t really have much of a daily routine to speak of so it doesn’t really affect that too much but it’s really unpleasant to feel that groggy. I’m hoping that I will get used to the new dose after a while and the effects will decrease, when I started taking it I was on this dose and it did get better, but it all depends on whether my sanity will stay the distance.