Sep 11 2009

The long awaited stats update

Mr Stuff

I know that since I first put up the stats from the Nokia Sports Tracker you’ve all been wanting more, and who can blame you. So I’m going to update you all on the latest stats which is a total of the stats from all of my journeys so far. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready to fill your face with stats

This is from the 38 activities I’ve got in there since I started on the 20th July

Distance: 42.32 miles
Duration: 12:11:26
Average speed: 3.5 mph
Max speed: 39.2mph (I included a bus journey so this is not just a GPS mistake)
Average pace: 17.17 min/mile
Max pace: 1.31 min/mile
Total steps: 56585, 89/min

Now come on try to tell me you didn’t enjoy that

Jul 21 2009

Wandering About

Mr Stuff

I had an invitation from Bella to go for a wander around Portswood so I decided yes I would so that I could trade in a game for some new ones, which I did, and it was a good wander. And as will be my style from now on here are the all important stats

  • Duration – 1:08:59
  • Distance – 2.53 mi
  • Average Pace – 27.17 min/mi
  • Max Pace – 5.33 min/mi
  • Steps – 3798, 55/min

As you can see it was a good wander about as we went into loads of shops but it was good to get out and about, even though it is so humid.

Jul 20 2009

Time for some stats

Mr Stuff

While looking for something to do this morning I pottered about the net looking for some nice apps to put onto my mobile and found the Nokia Sports Tracker. You can use it to track your journeys using the GPS and Nokia maps, which is nice, so I used it when I wandered to the Co-op earlier and here are the interesting stats you’re looking for.

To the Co-op

  • Duration – 10:15
  • Distance – 0.57 mi
  • Average Pace – 17.50 min/mi
  • Max Pace – 6.02 min/mi
  • Steps – 995, 97/min

From the Co-op

  • Duration – 11:23
  • Distance – 0.53 mi
  • Average Pace – 21.36 min/mi
  • Max Pace – 5.43 min/mi
  • Steps – 1066, 93/min

Now isn’t that just the most exciting thing you’ve read so far today