Jan 17 2009

While playing Tomb Raider

Mr Stuff

The other day I wandered round to see my good mate Mr Wozza (Wozman, Tronic, Wozmatronic, Woz, he goes by many names) and he lent me some games to play, one of which was the latest Tomb Raider game. So today I was giving it a play and came across some quite angry lizards that wanted to kill me, so being the animal friendly guy I am I threw a sticky grenade onto one of them. It was a kind way to put them out of their misery as it was quick and relatively painless, honest. But after the dust settled it looks as though the lizards decided that hiding was the best option and in the great tradition of ostriches they stuck their heads in the sand.

I also really like the way Lara is standing, kinda like she’s thinking “Oh what have you done now?”

hiding_lizards_thumbPS: I also got an achievement for killing all three with one grenade, result đŸ˜€