Apr 9 2013

Bit less shiny now

Mr Stuff

It was decided that I needed to get a Jwrap for my Vamo, as it was too shiny and a fingerprint magnet. So I did, and here it be :)

Vamo R2

Mar 17 2013

Been a while

Mr Stuff

I’ve just realised that I’ve not posted anything new for a few months, mainly because I forgot about my blog, so sorry about that. So I’ll fill you in on the major news.

As some of you know I’m a filthy smoker, I’ve tried many times to give up and have failed miserably. So I decided that new technology was maybe the way and bought myself an electronic cigarette, it was a cheap off the shelf one and I had mixed results but decided to keep trying. I joined a few forums and after chatting to the people on there I decided to go for an Ego kit.


The main thing this kit as over the cigalikes (shop bought e-cigs that look like cigarettes) is that I can choose whichever liquid flavours I want to use. So I bought a taster selection of liquids and the difference from the cigalike was night and day. I could get my nicotine fix and have it taste nice. But I hit on a problem, the kit came with 2 batteries and they both vaped differently. One was nice and mellow and the other was hot and harsh, so I was not looking forward to using one of the batteries that much. So after some more chatting on the forums I got myself a Vamo


Apart from the fact it looks like a lightsaber it is much better. It has variable voltage and variable wattage, so I can tailor the vape to my taste. The flavour can be changed quite a bit and I can control the throat hit (the irritation you get on your throat from smoking that makes people cough). I’m getting on a lot better with the Vamo and this should be the end of my smoking. And as a bonus I can use this in the house without worrying about any bad smells, I can also use it without worrying about the smoking ban