Oct 20 2015

And a quick work update

Mr Stuff

After 20+ years working in games QA I’ve decided to leave it all behind me. I’ve mainly worked in small companies (from what I remember) and the politics is just all to much to be arsed with. And I’ve not been enjoying the work as much. 

So for now I’m working for my mates stage lighting company as a warehouse bitch. It’s mainly deprepping and prepping cables, lights and stuff for gigs. The work is fairly varied, the people are excellent and it pays me money so I’m loving it. It’s not my long term plan, I’m sure I’ve got one, but in the meantime it’s really good fun and gives me time to think about doing something else if I want to

May 17 2012

Back on the horse

Mr Stuff

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog, because I’ve been a bit busy and keep forgetting to write a new one. So time for an update.

A few weeks ago I signed off ESA and registered myself as a sole trader so that I can start work again, and have successfully completed my first contract. Which has all been great for me, it’s good to feel useful again. I did most of the work from home and the guys I worked for were very flexible about working around my illness.

It really helped lift my mood to do the work, but I am now between contracts, I know where the next work is coming from but need to wait for it, which has dropped my mood a little. Going from working and busy to doing nothing again has hit me and I’m struggling a little. But I just need to be patient and wait for the next load of work.

Mar 12 2009

It can only get better

Mr Stuff

I’ve not been feeling to great this week and it’s still not getting any better, today I have had loads of co-codamol just to make it through the day. And to make it worse I’ve just had a mail through Linkedin from Disney who are looking for a QA Manager, which I would commute to London for, but I can’t because I’m ill. Cock.

It’s just one of those things that in the last few months I’ve had more interest in me for jobs through Linkedin than ever before, it’s about 5 at the last count so far this year, and I have to keep telling them that I can’t because I’m too ill. I’ve also today been feeling like a big girly wuss because all I can do is bitch and moan about how bad I’m feeling, which makes me feel even worse and the cycle continues.

Dec 1 2008

Work news is not good

Mr Stuff

I just spoke to the main man at work and he hasn’t heard anything from the meetings last week, and since I am now past my last day of work it is safe to assume I am now unemployed. So I’ll need to look into what to do next.

Given that I’ve not been good for the last week or so I think I may have to go for the signing on route which will give me some time to try and sort out my health issues

Nov 28 2008

Is it Friday already

Mr Stuff

I’ve started losing track of which day it is now, it happens fairly quickly when you don’t have to go to work and don’t have any real plans for what to do each day. The last few days have been a blur of prescriptions and bad TV, especially Top Gear re-runs on Dave.

Today is also the last day of my employment, I haven’t heard anything about the meetings that went on this week and you’d like to think I’ll hear something today.

Anyway got to go now Clarkson is sliding a Ferrari around an airfield

Nov 18 2008

Work woes

Mr Stuff

So I’ve been handed my notice at work which sucks a little given the current economic climate and the fact that I’m not really up to commuting too far at the moment. So far I haven’t gone as far as sorting out my CV since I’m not too sure what to do next.

The choices I have are get a new full time job locally, try to get more contracting work or sign on and try to get incapacity benefit. To be honest at the moment the way I am feeling I don’t like any of them but will have to make my decision soon