Dec 26 2008

Actually Xmas was quite good

Mr Stuff

When I woke up yesterday morning I wasn’t feeling too bad, so decided to give Xmas a go. We wandered to the pub to meet up with folk at about 12.30, after a few medicinal sherries at home. When we got there the landlords bought our drinks for us, which was very nice of them especially considering they had given Mrs Stuff the biggest sherry I’d ever seen.

There are the pub to greet us was Bella, Tabz N’ Dunx and Jo2 with their baby Eve. We had a good chat with folk and then wandered back to Dunx’s place via our house to get some wine. The walking had made me feel a bit queasy but I’ve had worse. When we got there they opened a fine bottle of champagne which I passed on deciding to have some cola instead, and then followed much preparation and some wine drinking before the food was ready, not feeling too bad I went for it.

There was some lovely duck and all the traditional veg, all of which was lovely. I had a small plate of food followed by seconds of a smaller plate of food, all in all about half the amount of food I would normally eat. Then we retired to the front room for TV and more wine, and I was still feeling OK. I even started ranting when the Xmas Doctor Who episode turned out to be “a bag of cock” and there was much celebration to my rant.

Then we had to go home as I needed to take my prescriptions, and I’m not taking my horse tranquilisers anywhere but here as I get too wobbly. But all in all a great fun day with great company and I really enjoyed it. I paid for it at 5 this morning when I woke in some pain, but it was worth it.

I’m not sure if it was because psychologically I wanted Mrs Stuff to have a great day or having company but it was a rare good day for me and I started to feel like my old self for a little while. Back to feeling crappy today though :(